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Where to eat !Pizza&Pasta&Pesto

Murta e Pestellu  tel  333-67.63.685  Cassanesi , 7 km dal B&B Rif.Uscio

The best restaurant, the real home cooking you expect, Irene and her family have this inn (which is only open on Saturday and Sunday for lunch) for many years. Dai Pansoti, ravioli with pesto, fried octopus, mussels, also fish, not only meat, a mix of appetizers, mythical Russian salad, tagliatelle with mushrooms, fried focaccias, tagliatelle with chingiale sauce, chingiale stewed, with the sauce, and the lasagna with pesto “al piatto”, what to say .. excellent value for money.


Almost since I discovered this place, I can go as soon as I can! also the really super cheap price! I am fond of Murta and Pestellu, super prices! Better to book !! thanks Irene and thanks to the super chef who is in the picture, who will introduce you to the true Ligurian cuisine.

La Taverna del Bandito Pizzeria Uscio Centro

La Taverna del Bandito Pizzeria Tel 0185-91797, Uscio Center 5 min walk from the B & B Rif.Uscio: excellent pizza, super fresh ingredients, focaccia di Recco sublime, Pizzata ( in the photo a speciality from this area), and fantastic desserts, family management is welcome reservation

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