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from Torriglia (Ge)  to B&B Rif.Uscio  to San Fruttuoso (Portofino Park Genoa)

the old salt road liguria 2 days

  • Difficulty


  • Duration

     2 days

  • departure

    Torriglia GE

  • overnight stay

    B&B Rifugio Uscio

  • arrival

    San Fruttuoso Portofino Park

  • Resources

       the GPS track referred to this itinerary, starts from day 3 (3 and 4 day liguria) download the  traccia gps

Il percorso

Download the gps track to bring it to your mobile device and open it with an app for .kmz file (for example gpx viewer)

The good news is that from 2017, the Liguria region has allocated funding to improve with new sign and good maintenance for the Old salt road, now called for the ligurian part VM Via del Mare The old sea road.  Portofino Park and, Il Parco dell 'Antola  managing the renovation of the path,  with the help from the FIE and the CAI of RAPALLO (operative part) have really changed the face of the path, in fact, you can do in total safety also because each stop point is equipped with shelters or B & Bs that welcome hikers (max every 6-8 hours of walking), and the path is all signposted, the trail sign  VM the old salt road  in Lombardy and Via del Mare (VM) in Liguria, so don't worry, the path is the same leads to the sea, passing through Uscio of course! and that sea is the best because you take a bath at the Park of Portofino (Camogli-Punta Chiappa-San Fruttuoso) with observation of many fish in the Ligurian sea in this very deep area, in fact many do snorkeling and diving

Giorno 1
Torriglia - Uscio

On the first day, after walking along the provincial road exiting from Torriglia, pass the Buffalora tunnel towards Monte Lavagnola on the right. When you are on the hill of Monte Lavagnola, you must go RIGHT towards the Scoffera pass and always follow the AVML path marked with the initials AVML, when the path branches off, take the road signposted VM (Via del Mare) on the right, always the blue signs (two blue dots on the stones) up to the asphalt road. Follow the blue dots to Sant 'Allberto di Bargagli and, at the ROSABRUNA restaurant, follow the marked path with the new wooden VM signs with yellow writing and you will find the trail signs, then once you get to Mount Bado, take to Case Becco -Sori. Once in Case Becco (asphalted road with few cars) you walk left for 5 km to Colle Caprile from where you take the path VM that you find going left, well signposted with the sign VM and from here to the Passo Casetti just above Uscio.Scendere on this beautiful path and after 15 minutes you have arrived in Uscio, take the asphalt road to the right and always follow the trail signs (3 red balls) that will lead you in 3 min to the B & B Rif.Uscio.


Segnavia da Uscio verso sud

Giorno 2
Uscio - San Fruttuoso-Portofino

From the B & B Uscio follow the signpost 3 red dots and the VM signs right at the exit from the B & B Rif.Uscio. Follow all the new disdain, arrive at the Colonia Arnaldi, continue and always follow the signs VM and you get to the Pass Spinarola. From Passo Spinarola, new signage of the Portofino Park with signs and new trail signs! Always staying on our track, the path VM winds through the woods and you arrive at the Passo del Gallo, from where you can see the two gulfs: Rapallo on the left and on the right Recco. The path continues without any problem, it is easy and well marked up to the junction that separates the road to Ruta di Camogli indicated with VM from that for Recco. (A triangle) Shortly after you arrive on the asphalt road and take a left to reach Ruta.You arrive in the center in 10 min and climb the stairs of the church of Ruta and walk VM becomes Ruta-San Fruttuoso, a wonderful and easy path (starting from Ruta and not Ran Rocco which is more challenging) and you enter the Park of Portofino. From there to the summit of Monte di Portofino, then easily descend to Pietre Strette and then to Portofino or San Fruttuoso, where the clear water of the Park will welcome you for a refreshing dip in the blue.


  • Indirizzo

    Salita Olivi 9
    Uscio - GE