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outdoor trekking

From Uscio many trekking with seaview easy , come and discover paradise gulf and tigullio gulf, the old salt route, Uscio-Rapallo, Uscio-Camogli, Uscio-Recco 


For more than 10 years, I have been committed to making less classic Liguria known, not only the sea, rather, walking, trekking and walking and Uscio, being the village on top of the Golfo Paradiso, connects the two gulfs (Tigullio and Paradiso) with numerous walks and trekking. position amphitheater of Uscio, the Golfo Paradiso, the Golfo Tigullio come together. the most important path is La Via del Sale-The way of the sea that passes right above the church of the town of Uscio where there is the B&B Rifugio Uscio and you reach Camogli or Recco, and the park of Portofino. Very interesting are our two sanctuaries, which can be visited, the Madonna di Montallegro towards Rapallo (trekking) and the Madonna del Caravaggio (walk) towards Recco. the beautiful news from 2017, the path, the Via del Sale from Varzi to Portofino, is now well signposted, thanks to the Portofino Park, Antola Park, which together with the CAI of Rapallo and the FIE of Sori (De Billio Gianbattista) have carried out a great job and therefore you will find the path with new VM signs Furthermore, in 2020 the Uscio-Rapallo path via Santuario Montallegro (it is a demanding trekking) is usable and the INITIAL PART coincides with the sea route the path from Madonna del Caravaggio to Rapallo via S.Maria del campo is easier. These are the treks that from Uscio cover the Golfo Tigullio, then we have from Uscio all the paths of the Golfo Paradiso, Uscio-Sori, Uscio-Bogliasco and the famous ISC that from Terrarossa di Colombo (behind Uscio) reaches up to Genova Nervi. All these walks, trekking are described to go down., Then you return by ATP bus, if you want to return to the structure (the ATP stop is 5 min walk from the B&B), or by train to reach Genoa, Florence, Parma, Milan, Pavia, since all these beautiful towns Rapallo, Camogli, Recco are all served by trains

The old salt route

From Varzi to Portofino Park

Trek Uscio-Rapallo Montallegro sign

From Uscio to Rapallo


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