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from Varzi (PV) to Portofino Park-San Fruttuoso beach or Punta Chiappa

the old salt route

  • Difficulty


  • Time

     4 days

  • Departure

    Varzi - PV

  • Arriving

    Portofino Park Punta San Fruttuoso

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    download  traccia gps

the trekking path

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The old salt route start close to Milan Varzi ( Pr Pavia)  and arrive to Portofino  and go through the  Apennines, ( www.laviadelmare.eu)  , wonderful scenario with little village where you can have a real regional food experience walking and taste it from 4 region (lombardia, Piemonte,Emilia Romagna and Liguria)  at Capannette di Pey (Auberge), Torriglia and the finally the last stop B&B Rif.Uscio in Uscio Village over the big church , where you will found a nice landscape of Paradise Gulf and the sea
Nice wide meditterean garden  will host you after the VM trail,with a good tea. From B&B Rifugio Uscio you will go down to Camogli in only 4 hours an easy trail also for families, then other 3 hours and  you arrive in Portofino or San Fruttuoso, the more beautiful place in Paradise and Tigullio Gulf where the 2 Gulf are toghteter, so nice beach!
BLu sea , cristal water in San Fruttuoso , an old monaster is on the beach,..history place,perfect place for trek, hiking , snorkeling, diving and Kayak.
Discover the trail the old salt road MIlan-Portofino 4 days 4 night ( Varzi-Capannete di PEY-Torriglia-USCIO B&B RIf.Uscio )

then you arrive on the sea from B&B Rif.Uscio to Camogli is only 4 hours and is aesly trail you go down
When you are in Camogli-Punta Chiappa-San Fruttuoso you will observe omany fish in the Ligurian sea in this very deep area, in fact
many sport like swim ,snorkeling and diving.

Giorno 1
Varzi - Capannette di Pey

The departure of the "classic" way is in the heart of the town of Varzi, in the province of Pavia. From the car park overlooking the Staffora, follow the signs towards the bridge, then the path on the left. A wide path, first level, then of variable slope, will take you to Monteforte and then to Castellaro, periodically intersecting the asphalted provincial road and the local cart. At the end of the village, continue along a wide dirt road surrounded by woods until you meet the border between Lombardy and Piedmont. On the border line we continue on the ridge that will accompany us until 1700m of Mount Chiappo, where at the bar / shelter it is possible to have a rest before the descent to the Capanna di Cosola where the first stage ends with the overnight stay.

Giorno 2

The second day of walking begins along another border: the one between Piedmont and Emilia, initially slightly downhill, first in a wooded area, then on the ridge overlooking the pastures below in a southerly direction. Once you have passed Monte Cavallaro, and the Carmo, the trail continues on the separation line between Liguria and Piedmont in the Antola park. When you reach the top of the mountain, after a stop at the homonymous mountain hut CAI, continue steeply downhill towards Donetta and then Torriglia, where you can stay overnight.

Recommended in Torriglia, in the village the Mulino del Lupo, a beautiful place where there is the possibility of horse riding excursions, while the B & B Villa Tiffany is for a stay right on the beautiful lake of Brugneto, heart of the Antola Park, more romantic!



Giorno 3
Torriglia - Uscio

On the third day, after walking along the provincial road exiting from Torriglia, pass the Boffalora tunnel towards Monte Lavagnola on the right. When you are on the hill of Monte Lavagnola, you must go to the RIGHT towards the Scoffera pass and always follow the AVML path marked with the initials AVML, when the path forks, take on the left the one marked as VM (Via del Mare), always the blue signs (two blue dots on the stones) up to the asphalt road.
Follow the VM until Sant 'Allberto di Bargagli and, at the ROSABRUNA restaurant, follow the path marked with the new wooden VM signs  MonteBado -CASE BECCO, take Case Becco

not PANNESI OFFICIAL TRAIL VM is CASE BECCO, and when you arrive at Case Becco,you will see wonderful panorama,  all seaview Pannesi is not the correct path (sign with X)  go into the internal and will not be managed by CAI e FIE that clean only the official Path

                                             Case Becco above USCIO

Once in Case Becco (asphalted road with few cars) you walk left for 5 km to Colle Caprile from where you take the path 00 that you find going left, well signposted with the sign VM  and from here you go up  and then after 30-45 min you will finf this sign  and always follow la p

not anymore Via dek mare but La POLVERIERA and go straight , follow always la polveriera.You will arrive in a car road and you go down, afyter 3 min walk you will find B&B Rif.Uscio Pink Sign and you are arrived.We are just 5 min up  from the big church of Uscio Welcome you are IN!


Segnavia da Uscio verso sud

Giorno 4
Uscio - Punta Chiappa

When you go out fro the Rifugio, youfollow the signpost 3 red dots 
and the VM signs right at the exit from the B & B Rif.Uscio. Follow all the new trail signs, arrive at the Colonia Arnaldi, continue and always follow the VM signs and arrive at the Pass Spinarola, From Passo Spinarola, new signage of the Portofino Park with signs and new trail signs! (thanks Ente Parco di Portofino!) Always Staying on our track, the path VM winds through the woods and you reach the Passo del Gallo, from where you can see the two gulfs: Rapallo on the left and on the right Recco. The path continues without any problem, it is easy and well marked up to the junction that separates the road to Ruta VM from the one to Recco. (A triangle)
Shortly after you arrive on the asphalt road and take a right to reach Ruta. If you want to continue the VM path, go up towards the church of RUTA and enter the Parco di Portofino.

From there to the summit of Monte di Portofino. Then easily descend to Pietre Strette and then to Portofino or San Fruttuoso, or Punta Chiappa where the clear water of the Park will welcome you for a refreshing dip in the deep blue.




  • Indirizzo

    Salita Olivi 9
    Uscio - GE