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Trek uscio-Santuario Montallegro rapallo

  • Difficulty


  • time to arrive

    7-8 hours

  • Departure

    dal B&B Rif.Uscio

  • Arrival


  • Resources

    ask  at Desk B&B Rif.Uscio

You arrive late at the B&B Rifugio Uscio by public transport train to Recco, then bus to Uscio (Uscio is only 9 km from the sea) 15 min APT bus, for a relaxing day at the beach Arrival at the hotel around 6 pm-7pm overnight at the B&B Rif. Exit-   Breakfast around 7.30 am and departure for Montallegro max at 8 am The route starts from the B & B Rif.Uscio and you must follow the 3 red dots sign (indicates the link to go to the VM) as soon as you exit the B&B Rif.Uscio, then the sign becomes VM  We proceed in part on the asphalted road with rare passages of cars and we quickly arrive at the Spinarola Pass, always signposted VM (Via del Mare) The area is very green, all with chestnut, oak and hazel trees. An ancient Art Nouveau SPA is famous for entering the Colonia Arnaldi, famous in the 50s for having created the first "weight loss clinic", today it has lost the charm of a time but the path passes in this large structure.After about 1 hour you arrive at the Spinarola Pass, from where the Portofino park took over the management of the VM path and can be seen immediately, inserting park-style signs and poles   As you can read NS di Montallegro is indicated which is the path we have to follow. The path before is easy and coincides with the VM up to Passo del Gallo where you turn left

and is indicated with Ns di Montallegro, Manico del Lume and becomes much more demanding with chains to help you when you reach the top of the Manico del lume. Then continue and you will arrive in Montallegro where there is the small and tender ancient Rapallo-Montallegro historic cable car Continuing along the path you come to a staircase full of Christian and religious symbols, in mosaic, which anticipate the great religious faith of the Ligurian people and you arrive at the Sanctuary of Montallegro, and then reach Rapallo both by cable car, (The easy path arrives just behind the Rapallo train station) and on foot to catch the trains that take you to many destinations (about 20-25 km) Or you can sleep in Montallegro (pilgrim's hotel) and in the morning, and continue from Montallegro, stay at high altitude and continue the path with a view of the sea up to Chiavari     The historic cable car is always open even in winter for timetables. Uff cable car tel 0185-52341.


for those who are too tired, can take a very tender 30s style chairlift and get comfortably in Rapallo


  • Indirizzo

    Salita Olivi 9
    Uscio - GE