Salita Olivi 9 - Uscio

B&B Rif.Uscio

9 km from Recco ,Camogli , 15 km Portofino Park

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B&B Rif. Uscio

9 km from Recco Genova Golfo Paradiso

The B&B Rifugio Uscio is in Uscio , a nice village over Recco. Is a  beautiful old Guesthouse,  9 km from the ligurian sea, Recco, 10 km from Camogli,  12 km from the wonderful Portofino Park. The B&B  has a large garden with a sea view mountains very impressive and is in the pedestrian area in the town center of Uscio a little village over Recco , just above the large church.

ATP public bus, 5 min walk from the property takes you to the sea in 15 min

9 Rated by Guests

It is a historic house of the early 20s completely renovated with the classic pastel colors of the Ligurian tradition (pink with green shutters), mosaic floors and antique marble sinks. The renovation has maintained the tradition of the Ligurian houses. The colorful rooms are furnished with taste and simplicity.

Included in the base price, You can have lot of service , good Wifi, Kitcken facility one time a day, nice fresh garden where you can enjoy with guess and nice folks! bbq is allowed (5 Euro for the natural wood)

on Friday or  Saturday I teach how to make a great true pesto with fresh basil! for free


Uscio is a beautiful Village 9 km from Recco Genoa, the highest in the Paradise Gulf 350 meters above sea level, also indicated on the motorway, easy to get to. Uscio is a natural amphitheater above Recco, with a 360 degree view, because is the top of the Paradise gulf  and therefore enjoys an excellent climate, sun all day, especially the B & B Rif.Uscio is always in the sun because it is facing south.

Uscio is famous for the bells and for the manufacture of tower clocks  and is possible to visit a little nice museum.

Outdoor activity are very important: trekking, Surf, Kayak,snorkeling, swim are all nice activity that you can do! Portofino is a Park not only a nice super Village, where you can do all this activities in a beautiful romantic scenario.

from Uscio you can easily reach Recco-Rapallo-Genoa Nervi, Sori and Bogliasco,  nice trekking alls trek with sea view like 5 terre!

the maps all at the B & B Rif.Uscio or at the Proloco di Uscio

From the B & B Rif. Uscio you can see the sea

The B & B Rifugio Uscio is in the town center above the church in the pedestrian area but very close to the road where you can park 200-300 meters from the structure, so it boasts a silence and a peace I would say exceptional, you can feel the birds and May of June the fireflies arrive to brighten up the garden and the sea-view structure.

Trekking & Surf

The Old Salt Road & more

Outdoor trek

The Via del Mare (VM), historically known as La Via del Sale, is the historical route that connects the Po Valley to the Ligurian Sea, from Varzi to Portofino, crossing the Ligurian Apennines and perpendicular to the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri route.

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