Salita Olivi 9 - Uscio

B&B Rifugio Uscio

9 km from Recco ,Camogli , 15 km Portofino Park

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B&B Rifugio Uscio

9 km from Recco Genova Golfo Paradiso

Uscio is a beautiful Village 9 km from Recco Genoa, the highest in the Paradise Gulf 350 meters above sea level, also indicated on the motorway, easy to get to. Uscio is a natural amphitheater above Recco, with a 360 degree view, because is the top of the Paradise gulf  and therefore enjoys an excellent climate, sun all day, especially the B & B Rif.Uscio is always in the sun because it is facing south.

Uscio is famous for the bells and for the manufacture of tower clocks  and is possible to visit a little nice museum.

Outdoor activity are very important: trekking, Surf, Kayak,snorkeling, swim are all nice activity that you can do! Portofino is a Park not only a nice super Village, where you can do all this activities in a beautiful romantic scenario.

from Uscio you can easily reach Recco-Rapallo-Genoa Nervi, Sori and Bogliasco,  nice trekking alls trek with sea view like 5 terre!

the maps all at the B & B Rif.Uscio or at the Proloco di Uscio

The B & B Rifugio Uscio is in the town center above the church in the pedestrian area but very close to the road where you can park 200-300 meters from the structure, so it boasts a silence and a peace I would say exceptional, you can feel the birds and May of June the fireflies arrive to brighten up the garden and the sea-view structure.


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